Rassed - Screen Watermark

Our innovative screen watermark solution designed to safeguard your sensitive documents and information. Rassed prevents data leakage by embedding a persistent watermark on your screen, ensuring that any captured or shared content is traceable. Seamlessly integrated with Active Directory, Rassed offers robust security and centralized management, allowing you to control and monitor watermark settings across your organization effortlessly. With Rassed, protect your intellectual property and confidential information with a powerful, user-friendly solution tailored for today’s security-conscious enterprises.

Prevent leakage

such as taking screenshots or taking pictures with a camera. In addition, it also provides a function to make the watermark visible only when necessary and an invisible watermark function to minimize user inconvenience.


Creating policies from a Admin panel, thanks to its intuitive interface. These policies can then be seamlessly linked to Active Directory for efficient management


Our solution provides extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor watermark content, placement, and appearance effortlessly. With support for custom logos and branding elements, it seamlessly aligns with your organization's identity. Adapt the solution to your exact specifications, ensuring compliance and reflecting your unique requirements with ease.


advanced monitoring capabilities, allowing you to track screen captures and maintain detailed logs of user activity. By seamlessly integrating screen shot monitoring and logging features, you gain valuable insights into how your data is being accessed and utilized, enhancing security and compliance measures.

What is it ?

With out Rassed

The organization is not able to know where this screenshot came from or by whom and what date it was talking

With Rassed

We can identify who took the picture at what time, what other applications was open at that time and what other screenshots he took.

Key Features


Ability to display or hide watermarks depending on the specified environment.

Outlook integrations

Outlook integration empowers you to enforce policies preventing users from sending email attachments outside the organization. Additionally, our solution seamlessly adds watermarks to any Office products or images, ensuring comprehensive protection of sensitive information across all digital communications and documents.

Metadata watermarks

We offer robust support for multi-metadata in the watermarking process. This means you can embed a variety of metadata types, such as timestamps, user information, document identifiers, and more, directly into the watermark. This feature enhances traceability and accountability, providing comprehensive protection against unauthorized data sharing or leaks.

Print watermark

In addition to digital content, Rassed extends its watermarking capabilities to any document printed from your computer. This ensures that sensitive information remains protected throughout its lifecycle, whether it's viewed on screen or in hard copy. With Rassed, you can maintain control over your data and prevent unauthorized distribution, bolstering your organization's security measures effectively.


Rassed offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to tailor its watermarking functionality to suit your organization's unique requirements. With customizable settings, you can selectively disable watermarking for specific programs or individuals as needed. This level of flexibility ensures seamless integration into your workflow while providing optimal protection for sensitive data across your organization.

Video conference

Innovatively, Rassed extends its watermarking capabilities to video conferencing, ensuring comprehensive protection of sensitive information exchanged during virtual meetings. With this feature, watermarks remain visible during video conferences, maintaining security and confidentiality even in real-time communications.

Screen capture

Rassed provides a proactive defense against unauthorized data capture by blocking screen captures, preventing sensitive information from being captured and shared illicitly.

Comprehensive Log Monitoring

Rassed maintains detailed logs of user activity, offering insight into every interaction with sensitive data. This monitoring capability ensures accountability and aids in compliance efforts by tracking access and usage across your organization's digital assets

VDI Support

Rassed seamlessly integrates with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and various application products, ensuring consistent protection across all virtual environments and applications. This compatibility extends Rassed's robust security features to VDI setups and diverse application ecosystems, maintaining comprehensive data protection regardless of the digital environment.

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